Quality Score – Ad Center, where do we stand?

Ad Center’s Quality Score where do we stand?

As we all know Microsoft’s Ad Center introduced their own version of Quality Score very recently. Most advertisers frustratingly saw a massive drop in impression share, clicks and spend. Although Ad Center support can be very helpful and easier to deal with than adwords support, some very common repsonses were coming back that led me to believe they had no idea about their own quality score system. Answers to questions were very vague, and their solutions were not the ones we wanted to hear.

Time will tell while we all get to grips with the new system. One thing is for certain is that Ad center is no easy traffic source that it once was. That said it is still ever increasing in its market share.

It now seems clear that the good old days of buying broad keyword terms in Ad Center are gone. They have adopted a Google style Quality Score algorithm. Annoying? Yes.

But we had better just get used to it the way we did with Google.

How do I get a good quality score and get my campaigns spending like the old days?

It’s fairly simple really, once you you let go of the old ways of running your ad center account.

It’s time for a spring clean!

  • clean up you keyword list, get rid of all none performing keywords. This means keywords with a low ctr and zero clicks. Too many non performing keywords will a have impact on your relevancy. Get rid of broad keywords or at least some of them, turn on exact and phrase match. Focus on high CTR keywords and try and expand upon them.
  • Stuff your landing page with relevant keywords.
  • Have lots and lots and lots of relevant content on you landing page.
  • Ad text. Ad text can always be improved, create lots of ad text variation. Re submitting your ads for approval after completing the above points can improve you campaigns performance and might just get them spending again.