Is Rovio the new Nintendo?

Released just before Xmas 2012, Angry Birds Go! is truly a masterpiece. Once you get past the wall of in-app purchases, you’ll find solid game play action that will keep you hooked. The game is so well produced it feels as good as the Nintendo classic it’s based on. As responsive and playable as classic 16 Bit Mario Kart, but with the fun visual appeal of the later 3D versions. And given Nintendo’s lack of presence on the world’s most popular gaming platform, this begs the question is Rovio the new Nintendo?

Angry Birds Go!

Interestingly, the dreaded in-app purchases, which can often frustrate gamers and burn through parent’s wallets become an integral part of the game. If, like me, you do not like the idea of ongoing, hidden charges then the game brilliantly incentivises you to earn your way through the game. So far, I’ve only paid for “double coins” and I’m hoping to complete the game on that purchase alone. This will mean focusing on the time trials, fruit splats and one on one games which will greatly improve your skill and enjoyment of the game. Of course, if you’re more impatient, you can easily buy your way through and skip a lot of the repetition. The balance between paying your way through and earning your upgrades through play is perfect and creates a whole new dimension to gaming.