How to put Amazon affiliate links on Facebook and Twitter

Become an Amazon Affiliate and easily share Amazon products with your friends on Facebook and Twitter in just a few clicks.

Amazon is a great source of revenue for folks with big social networks. Signing-up as an Amazon affiliate is easy, just click here.

How to put Amazon affiliate links on Facebook and Twitter

The Amazon Affiliate sign-up process is relatively straight-forward, but they will ask for a website. I’m not sure why they still ask for this as they don’t seem that interested where you place your affiliate links once you’ve been accepted. If you don’t have your own website, borrow one. Type in the details of a friend’s site or find nice small niche site on Google. Just be careful you don’t choose a really popular site as it may already be connected to an existing Amazon Affiliate account.

Once you’ve been accepted, the next time you search for products on Amazon, you will see a handy grey bar at the top of the page. From here you can easily share products on Facebook and Twitter using the “share” button.

Now, every time one of your friends purchases from one of your affiliate links, you’ll get paid a commission.

Go make some money!

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  1. Ivan Morales says:

    To build a successful affiliate program, it helps to care about the products you are selling, and to offer legitimate value beyond just a quick sale. While you can build an affiliate business around any type of product, it helps if you actually use the product and endorse it personally.