British Airways Customer Relations Suck!

Late last night after a long day I stupidly booked some flights online with I say stupidly because I was tired. And when we are tired as human beings we are prone to make mistakes. Which I did. I entered the wrong date by one day in error. I thought okay, no problem I can see the error I’ll just phone up British airways customer support and have them change the date, shouldn’t be a problem seeing as I’m about to correct this mistake within 5 min of making it.

It turns out that the British Airways UK customer relations helpline was closed. So I called the US British Airways customer relations. Although the latter could not assist me because my booking was made with the UK website they advised me that it wasn’t a problem, it wouldn’t cost anything, that they would make a note of my call and to wait until the next day and call the UK customer relations when the helpline was open again. I thought great, fantastic response, filled with confidence, I’ll fix my flights in the morning!

The next day…

Sorry sir you cannot change your booking without it costing you an extra £130! What?! (knowing full well it actually costs £90)

But it was an honest mistake. The lady from British Airways Customer Relations in the US said it would not be a problem.
Surely you have some flexibility when you make a mistake and try to amend that error with in 5min?

The response was like a robot.
No Sir,
British Airways cannot do anything.
I’m a brain dead operator who cannot be bothered to help or understand.

Not very helpful at all.

Can I speak to your manager please? (thinking they may be more sympathetic and could possibly over ride the operators scripted response.

No I will not escalate this problem.


That got me angry!

I’ve been a loyal British Airways customers for over 5 years now, booking flights here and there and more recently quite a few more. This obviously counts for nothing.

So I went back online, payed the extra £90 (not £130) to change the date of my ticket. I then jumped on to my blog to moan and rant about them.

I feel a little better now for the rant. It’s good to to talk! 🙂